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Unlocking the Benefits of Team Leasing for Your Business Growth

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

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In this article, I would like to explain what renting our developer looks like when billed hourly for your project. Firstly, I will describe the advantages of such a rental, but also the disadvantages, because nothing can be perfect.

Let's start with the genesis of when you might need such support:

  • You have a project that needs to be accelerated in production.

  • You have a project that is short in its assumption.

  • There's no time for the process of searching and hiring.

  • You don't want to build a long-term relationship with an employee.

Our help for you is a gain in the form of:

  • Quick start of work on the project.

  • A person ideally matched for the project, mainly in terms of technology.

  • You don't pay for the employee's vacations and sick leaves.

  • You don't pay health contributions.

  • You don't have to deal with W2 or 1099 (applies to the US).

  • You don't pay for fruit Thursdays or other benefits.

  • You only pay for the actual working time of the employee.

  • Our employees easily handle time differences. See the dedicated article on this issue.

  • All developers communicate in English. Reading documentation or actively participating in calls in English is a daily routine for us.

Of course, below I will point out the disadvantages to dispel any doubts:

  • You sign a contract with us for the rental, which includes information that we do not agree that you can take this employee to your team forever.

  • You don't have a real possibility to interfere too much in the relationship between your project and our employees.

  • In the case of a very long project, it is cheaper to hire someone permanently.

  • Our employees are mainly in Europe, so it's difficult to work hybridly if your office is in California or Dubai.

Our employees easily handle time differences.

All developers communicate in English. Reading documentation or actively participating in calls in English is a daily routine for us.

Billing for the work is very simple. Below is the whole process in points:

  1. You describe your project to us in terms of technology and who you need.

  2. We send you a so-called blind resume of the person, i.e., their CV with a description of technical experiences but without their personal data.

  3. If the CV meets your expectations, we arrange a direct online conversation with the candidate from us. Before the conversation, we usually sign an NDA that protects us from hostile employee takeover and you in terms of your project's security.

  4. After the conversation, if everything is okay, we sign a framework agreement, i.e., an MSA. The agreement gives us a free field to work.

  5. We set exactly when and for how long we start working with you. Thanks to the framework agreement, we accept your order which defines the scope of work.

  6. The employee starts work, e.g., on November 5th, gets access to the project from you, and starts. At the same time, we start the process of tracking work time. We use Excel, Redmine, or Clockify, whichever suits us - we are flexible.

  7. At the end of November, we collect the total hours from November 5th for the worked and tracked time where you can also see the total sum of work time on your project in the report.

  8. We multiply the sum of hours by the hourly rate included in the order and send you an invoice, usually with a payment term of 7 days.

  9. You pay us once a month for the developer based on the invoice - a bill that for your project is the same kind of expense as a bill for electricity or a subscription for Slack. This way, your accounting department doesn't have additional work with accounting for vacations or time when the employee was sick. We settle this time internally at Marotino, and you sleep peacefully because at the end of the month we settle, I emphasize, only for the actual working time on your project.

I hope the above has brought you closer to the model in which we can quickly help you with your project and jointly build ever-better solutions for the world.


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