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Menusso: The future of every restaurant

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Menusso is an app that serves both restauranteurs and their customers. Manage your menu and track the interest in your offer or browse the menu in your language and be confident in what you choose!

Menusso is a platform for restaurants and their guests.

The mobile app for guests allows for browsing restaurants on a map and displaying their menus in a chosen language. The restauranteurs, on the other hand, gain an easy tool for managing the offer and tracking the statistics.

Menusso App

The mobile Menusso app is dedicated for the restaurants’ guests. It lets them find restaurants on a map and get translated menu recommendations based on the users’ location and many more!

Menusso for Business

The Menusso business dashboard gives restaurant owners an all new way to manage their business. Quick offer changes, interest statistics and communication with customers have never been this easy!

menusso app desktop and mobile

menusso main menu

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menusso resolution to the problem

Menusso app definitive goal

How menusso app was designed

Menusso app online survey

menusso app competition analysis

menusso app user persona

Menusso empathy map

Menusso customer journey map

Menusso summary

User flow at menusso

Menusso wireframing

Menusso logo making

Menusso colour logo

Menusso onboarding screens

Easy tracking menusso map

How menusso app is working

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Menusso notifications

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Menusso application in restaurants

Menusso dashboard

Menusso website


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