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Full-Scale Development Support for AndCo's Platform

Updated: Jan 22

This case study examines how AndCo, a leading workspace booking platform, achieved significant growth in user engagement and conversion rates. The success was driven by strategies including Content Marketing, PPC Advertising, Market Analysis, and the deployment of advanced technologies like Terraform and AWS Pipeline.

Advancing Technological Frontiers: Marotino’s Impact on AndCo’s

AndCo has revolutionized the workspace industry by offering an easy-to-use platform for booking desks and meeting rooms. The application ensures seamless reservations, superfast wifi, and additional perks like food and drink discounts. Despite these features, AndCo needed robust marketing support to further scale its platform.


  • Increase user engagement by 30% within 6 months

  • Achieve a 20% growth in monthly active users

  • Improve conversion rate by at least 15%


  • Achieve industry-leading security standards.

  • Enhance AWS performance for better scalability and reliability.

  • Implement Cisco Meraki integrations for improved network management.

AndCo plaftorm
We made it possible to handle over 400 hot-desk locations across London from Poland

Platform Development Strategies Employed:

1.Platform Security:

  • Implemented AES for data protection.

  • Conducted regular vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.

2.AWS Performance Optimization:

  • Transitioned to high-performance AWS EC2 instances.

  • Utilized AWS CloudWatch for real-time monitoring.

3.Cisco Meraki Integrations:

  • Integrated Cisco Meraki's API for network management.

  • Enabled advanced analytics for network and user engagement monitoring.

4.Terraform Deployment:

  • Utilized Terraform for efficient and consistent environment setup in AWS, ensuring scalability and manageability.

5.AWS Pipeline Utilization:

  • Integrated AWS Pipelines for automating deployment processes, enhancing CI/CD practices, and ensuring seamless updates and management.

map of London


1.Platform Security:

Achieved compliance with GDPR and other international security standards.

2.AWS Performance:

Saw a 25% increase in system performance and a 15% reduction in downtime.

3.Cisco Meraki Integration:

Simplified network management led to an overall 20% decrease in operational c costs.

4.Terraform and AWS Pipeline Integration: Streamlined infrastructure management, leading to increased efficiency and reduced manual intervention.

Lessons Learned:

  • Prioritizing platform security significantly boosts customer trust and engagement.

  • Real-time monitoring through AWS CloudWatch enables proactive issue resolution.

Future Strategies:

  • Continuously update security protocols to match industry advancements.

  • Explore possibilities for additional cloud service optimizations.

  • Further deepen Cisco Meraki integrations for more advanced analytics.

The full-scale platform development support has made AndCo a secure, efficient, and cost-effective solution for workspace booking. The integration of advanced technologies and monitoring tools has not only met but exceeded the set objectives.

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