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Cycas Coin: Marotino's Breakthrough in ERC Token Technology

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

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Cycas Game is a browser game based on Ethereum Blockchain with plants growth mechanism. The key difference between Cycas and a traditional game is the fact that we use Blockchain to reward our players for their input to the ecosystem. This new gaming model is called ‘play to earn’ - Players can earn Cyca$ tokens by entertainment.

Setting New Standards: Cycas Coin's ERC Token Tech by Marotino

Players can earn by:

  • Breeding Plants and selling them on the marketplace

  • Owning a plant at 3rd stage of growth that has specific earning periods

  • Keeping a certain amount of tokens in the account is awarded as staking

  • Collecting rare species and increasing the quality of the plantation

Our main goal is to raise public awareness of endangered species of plants and the climate change. To do so we will donate 5% of the money raised through the token to environmental organisations chosen by the players. In the future, we would like to build a plant species center that would maintain endangered species and develop new methods for farming plant tissues. Even though the traditional agriculture is less harmful to the environment than stockbreeding it still isn’t perfect. It is expensive and requires lots of resources. Not to mention the fact that even the slightest weather anomalies may have a huge impact on the amount of crop.

We think that by encouraging people to play our game we will raise public awareness and build a safe future together. We also care about popularising the Blockchain technology which the general concept of, especially to an average consumer, may seem rather abstract. Already existing blockchain initiatives usually limit their audience to the early investors or very small groups of specialised individuals with specific interests

Cycas token is a cryptocurrency used in a decentralized app, a plant breeding simulator, where it is required for buying necessary items so that in the end cryptoplants can grow and generate income. The main idea behind this app is to bring revenue for its players from selling and hybridisation that makes the species more effective.

cycas coin tokens

To create a new plant two pieces of the same breed are required, both must be at the 3rd stage of growth. The looks of the new plant will be dependent on the quality, age, and other features of the parent plants. Plant’s features can be dominant, recessive, or heterozygous (when the recessive gene is not evident in the plant’s appearance). Each of the digital plants can be crossed not more than three times while the costs for it are as follows: 1 (x Cyca$), 2 (2x Cyca$), 3 (3x Cyca$)

Each plant has different genes (recessive, dominant, heterozygous), the chances of getting the gene from the parent are as follows: Dominant - 37% Recessive - 13% Heterozygous - Pass only if the second individual has the same trait and it is 25%

nft flowers, how it is working

Each player at the beginning of the game is given one small greenhouse that functions as a warehouse for its NFTs. Small greenhouse can fit up to three plants, big one can fit twice as many. Buying a small greenhouse while already owning one will automatically combine both into one big greenhouse. Players can expand their warehouses through purchases on the internal marketplace when new items are dropped.

At the beginning of the game, players are given one, non-exchangeable flowerpot that does not have a scale of strength which means it can be used unlimited number of times. Other pots available to buy in the app, in contrast, do have a certain strength that limits the number of times it can be used. The player that owns a seed can start planting it by choosing one of the available flowerpots from the list. Some of the pots released in the marketplace drop will have some unique features that could enrich the gameplay by influencing the growth of the plant. That would include bumping up the number of the token a plant can generate or improving its quality. While selling the plant on the external marketplace the sellers may choose whether they want to include the pot with the plant or not.

cycas coin nft plants

The resources and items of the game are tokenized which means that they can be sold to anyone and anywhere on the peer-to-peer open market.

Cycas Coin is a decentralized app based mainly on its community, that is why we care about players having a real impact on the development of our simulator. To achieve that we will be organizing votings on our discord and signal accounts. Through those, we will gather the best ideas for improving the game’s mechanics and functionality.

The game focuses on the player's development into the game ecosystem and charges a small fee to earn. Digital plants are created by players who use the game's resources (Cyca $) and are sold to other players.

sales chart of cycas coin


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