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Maximizing Your E-commerce Potential with Marotino, the Official Shopify Partner

Marotino the official sShopify partner in Miami

Marotino, since 2020, has been an official partner of Shopify. Operating in the American market as Marotino, INC, based in Miami, we have successfully implemented hundreds of Shopify platforms across the local Florida market and beyond, reaching as far as California.

We offer comprehensive services for project start-ups from scratch as well as ongoing operations support. Our team holds accreditation in the Shopify Dev program and has successfully built plugins for the platform.

With a development team based in Europe and part of our management team, we are flexible in every aspect.

Given the origins of Shopify, we are particularly adept at adapting American stores for entry into the European market. This includes compliance with GDPR data processing regulations and tax considerations for selling goods and services through Shopify.

Furthermore, our expertise extends to integrating carriers across all of Europe, as well as payment systems. If you have a store operating in Miami and wish to sell in London, we can seamlessly assist with setting up UK payment processes. Naturally, we offer this support in reverse as well.

Our strengths include responsiveness and fixed pricing for the scope of services. While we occasionally offer developers on an hourly basis, we predominantly provide a comprehensive service where you know upfront the cost and the extent of services without any hidden fees. This approach ensures transparency and predictability for our clients, enabling them to plan and budget effectively for their e-commerce ventures.


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